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FuRyu Details Five New Characters from Action-RPG 'Crystar'
Okay, that art design for Heraclitus is the absolute bomb.
07.20.18 - 11:51 PM

Developer FuRyu has released new information on their upcoming action-RPG Crystar, detailing five characters that players will come to know throughout the course of the game. Without further ado, check them out below!

Rei Hatada

Crystar character screen

An individual who fights across the vistas of limbo in order to resurrect her younger sister, Mirai, who died by her hand.

Weakness and instability plague her, but within lies a steel and resolve that pushes her to move forward.

Possessing of a quiet and serious demeanor, protection of those she cares for is intrinsic to her personality. She will stop at nothing to maintain that standard, unleashing a buried rage upon those that seek to hurt those she loves.


Crystar character screen

Rei's guardian, and a literal manifestation of her will, ideals, and strength of mind.

Unlike other guardians used by Rei's compatriots, he has the ability to understand the language of humanity.

Mirai Hatada

Crystar character screen

An individual, lured to the plane of limbo by a peculiar spirit, alongside Rei, her older sister.

While in limbo, Rei, afflicted with a loss of consciousness and overcome with a powerful rage, accidentally attacks Mirai and the consequences are mortally dire.


Crystar character screen

A manager of limbo, Pheles is concerned with collecting a substance known as 'Ideas' that take the form of crystallized tears. She is both haunting, in personality and in the actions she takes.


Crystar character screen

Like Pheles, Mephis is also a manager of limbo and is unified in the collection of 'Ideas'. Her voice speaks of an attitude that is unbending to mischief, in monotone cadence.

It seems that Crystar, with the reveal of these characters, is something to keep an eye on in the upcoming days. Crystar is set to release in Japan on October 18th for PlayStation 4. A Western release date has not been announced of yet.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Crystar!


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