Corey Hall
Digimon Survive Coming to the West in 2019
Celebrate 20 years of the Digimon anime with this brand new story-driven game!
07.30.18 - 9:16 PM

According to Bandai Namco, Digimon Survive, the previously announced SRPG and the latest entry in the Digimon game series, will be making its way to the West in 2019. A new teaser trailer for the game shows off the classic 2D SRPG battles and a few members in its new cast of characters. You can check out the first Western teaser trailer for Digimon Survive below.

Featuring over 100 playable Digimon, beautiful character designs from Uichi Umoko, and a soaring score from highly acclaimed composer Tomoko Miyoki, Digimon Survive's story of survival, sacrifice, and individual growth will stand apart from all previous entries.

Dialogue with protagonist Takuma Momotsuka from upcoming SRPG title Digimon Survive.

The story follows a group of teens led by Takuma Momotsuka as they find themselves hurled into a strange and dangerous new world. Choices made by the player will affect their Digimon's ability to digivolve, as well as the narrative path of the story. With the lives of some characters hinging on choices made throughout the adventure, players will need to take care to make sure everyone returns home safely.

Digimon Survive will arrive in the Americas and Europe in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.


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