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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Gears Up for Summer Tour 2018
Find out where the latest shows will be playing.
08.01.18 - 10:59 PM

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra — World Tour 2018 is getting ready for the summer season. After premiering on June 9th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, with composer Yoko Shimomura on stage and Tetsuya Nomura on hand to drop the bombshell that was the Kingdom Hearts III release date, the concert has since been going on tour around the United States. You can check out a trailer and synopsis of the concert series down below.

KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra World Tour features a full orchestra and choir for a total of more than 100 musicians on stage, with big-screen video projection of the most memorable moments from the whole series. With an unprecedented level of synchronization between video and audio, it brings all the emotion to the next level. No fans should miss the experience of seeing the beloved classic songs of the game being performed live on stage, such as "Destati," "Hikari - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version," "Vector to the Heavens," or "Passion - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version."

As a special addition to the 2018 tour, three new songs have been added this year: "Traverse Town," "KINGDOM HEARTS III - TOY STORY Medley" and "Dearly Beloved - KHχ Back Cover Version." Composer Yoko Shimomura will be attending upcoming shows in Honolulu, Milan, Munich and Seoul with a Meet & Greet after show for VIP ticketholders, providing the opportunity to have her sign a personal photo taken with her.

Tickets are still available for the remaining summer shows (the events in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and in Milan, Italy, have sold out):

kingdom hearts orchestra world tour 2018

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Twitch Schedule & Status

Sunday, September 16
Wild ARMs 5 • 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time • 3:00pm PDT/5:30pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 5:30pm 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Wild ARMs 2 • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories • 2:30pm PDT/5:30pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Final Fantasy IX • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Friday Super Variety Night • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Week in Review: Live Edition • 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Wild ARMs 2 • 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

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