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Drink In the Latest Screenshots from Bandai Namco's Code Vein
*slaps roof of desert area* This bad boy can fit so many edgy anime vampires in it.
08.02.18 - 8:55 PM

Bandai Namco has been steadily releasing new media for their upcoming Soulslike action-RPG, Code Vein. The latest batch of screenshots and artwork gives us more details about two antagonistic characters, Jack and Eva, as well as a closer look at a new zone and some new weapon types.


jack code vein


eva code vein

Jack is the feared "Revenant Hunter," and will cross blades with the protagonist and company many times over the course of Code Vein. He ruthlessly slaughters anyone who gets in his way, and the fierce gleam in his eye is somehow connected to his power. Jack is the guardian of the "God Shell." Eva, on the other hand, is a Revenant suffering from Blood Thirst. Whether or not Jack will be hostile to her remains a mystery at this time, but they appear to be aligned.

code vein grumpy anime boy

sandy place code vein

Let's move on to the new zone, a sandy wasteland of crumbling buildings. This area doesn't have an official name as of yet, but it is a desolate wasteland where the Lost lurk beneath the sand and pull Revenants down below. The Thorns of Judgment have utterly demolished the cityscape, and movement is difficult due to the sandy terrain. The player's Ichor will drain when walking on this ground buried in the sand, reducing their combat prowess. Players can also succumb to the "Reek" status ailment while in this area, gradually lowering their Ichor stock.

code vein sand

Oh, and watch out for the Lost known as the Pillager of Thirst and the Slaughterer of Thirst: they will attempt to limit the player's mobility and are difficult to fight in the sandy environment.

slaughterer of thirst code vein

Now for some new weapon details. The Dark Bayonet and Riot Smasher offer some ideal ranged options: the Dark Bayonet can launch a powerful projectile as a strong attack, or five bullets straight across the field as a charged strong attack. Meanwhile, the Riot Smasher fires at close range but also has a faster firing rate, making it a solid choice for close-quarters combat against strong foes. Charging its attack will increase its firepower and range.

dark bayonet code vein

riot smasher code vein

Meanwhile, in the axe department, the Solid Piercer is a strong offensive option specializing in thrust attacks. It generates a shock wave upon charging a strong attack. The Bisected Garnet is another axe that generates shock waves upon impact, and this one generates even more shock waves at increased range by charging its attack. It seems players will have quite the arsenal to select from in Code Vein.

code vein axe

code vein axe shockwave

You can find more new screenshots from Code Vein in our gallery. The game will be coming to PS4, XB1, and PC in 2019. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info.


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