Peter Triezenberg
Week in Review, 8/4/18
A week of mazes, gangsters, and digital monsters.
08.04.18 - 10:51 PM

Another week has come and gone, but that doesn't mean that the world of RPGs has gone idle. If you've been keeping up with Gino DiGioia's Coming This Week column, then you know that this past week was positively brimming with new game releases. We have only five inventory slots and cannot possibly cover everything in one Week in Review, so be sure to check out the front page for even more RPGFan content, and know that we appreciate you, dear reader! Anyway, without further ado, here is some news from Trent Argirov, Corey Hall, and Tyler Trosper, as well as a review from Robert Fenner.

Story by Trent Argirov

Etrian Odyssey has proven to be a consistent part of Atlus' library of titles on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, so it's no surprise to see the company teasing its continuation. With the upcoming Etrian Odyssey X to (apparently) close out the series' 3DS run, one has to wonder: this new game has got to be on Switch, right? I have nothing to back that up besides a feeling of continuity (given that the series has been ever-present on Nintendo handhelds), but who knows? Keep an eye on this space for more updates on Etrian Odyssey as Atlus embarks on this new journey.

Etrian Odyssey art

Story by Corey Hall

Digimon is approaching its 20th anniversary, and you know what that means: merchandise! After all, a franchise milestone cannot truly be celebrated without new products to commemorate the occasion, and one such product is a strategy RPG set in the Digimon universe. Digimon Survive looks really promising and surprisingly somber if the tone of the trailer is anything to go by. Check out Corey's story for more info.

Digimon Survive screenshot

Story by Tyler Trosper

In case you hadn't noticed, we have a new news contributor! His name is Tyler Trosper, and he has wasted no time in writing quality content for your reading pleasure. Click the link above to read his summary of the latest update for Moonlighter!

Moonlighter screenshot

Review by Robert Fenner

Chasm has been a long time coming, and the indie market has been flooded with Metroidvania titles (even procedurally generated ones!) since its announcement. What was once a novel concept has shifted to an industry trend, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, Chasm has much to offer, and you can read all about it in the wise Robert Fenner's in-depth review.

Chasm screenshot

Story by Trent Argirov

Hey, what's up, fellow Yakuza? It's ya boy Kazuma Kiryu back at it again with the CARS! All jokes aside, it's awesome to see the Yakuza series getting such a warm reception in the West, and with the PC release of Yakuza 0, more people can get in on the Kazuma Kiryu action. Be sure to give this incredible series a chance if you haven't already!

Yakuza 0 PC screenshot

And that'll about do it for this week. Like I said, there's even more to see from the intrepid RPGFan crew, so head over to the front page and see what else we have on offer. Stay tuned for more RPG coverage!


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