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Falcom Reveals Five New Character Profiles from Trails of Cold Steel IV
A princess, a student president, a general, a foster sister, and a drunk teacher.
08.05.18 - 10:53 PM

See, told ya that Alfin and Towa would show up eventually. In the last Dengeki Playstation magazine, Falcom showed off the profiles for five new characters from Trails of Cold Steel IV. Well, they aren't exactly new, but luckily, they aren't spoiler-y too. Let's get right into it.

Sara Valestein


The character whose final bonding event achievement was called "Hot for Teacher," Sara is the former homeroom teacher for Class VII and an A rank bracer known as the "Purple Lightning." Despite being seen as physically attractive by many, her constant drinking habits and lackluster personality has led her to remain single; something her former students have no problem reminding her of from time to time. After the events of Cold Steel II, she traveled across the empire to help restore Erebonia's Bracer Guild to former glory. However, the events of Cold Steel III weakened the guild once more and with a new calamity in their midst, Sara aids her students one last time.

Towa Herschel


Hey look, it's that character who was in Cold Steel and Tokyo Xanadu for some reason. Towa is the former Student Council President of Thors Military Academy and a current teacher at Thors Military Academy Branch II. Her intellect and ability to multitask efficiently made her a sought-after member for many employers post-graduation. In Cold Steel III, she supported Rean and the new Class VII with their exploits, similarly to how she did as captain of the Courageous in CSII. In Cold Steel IV, her emotions are all over the place with the fates of her friends on the line but she still holds a smile and aids everyone to the best of her ability.

Elise Schwarzer

CSIV Elise

Elise is the younger step-sister of Rean and eldest daughter of the Schwarzer family. After the events of Cold Steel II, her feelings for Rean continued to grow and with the extra worry about Rean being the Ashen Chevalier, she focused on her studies and eventually became Student Council President at St. Astraia's Girls Academy. After the events of CSIII, she holds true to her friendship with Alfin and together they try to weather the calamity before them.

Alfin Reise Arnor

CSIV Alfin

The eldest daughter of the royal family and twin sister to Crown Prince Cedric, Alfin is back in Cold Steel IV. With her angelic like manner and looks, she is considered to be a national treasure. Despite that, her actual personality is similar to her brother Olivert where she is pretty flirtatious and likes poking fun at others, especially Elise. In CSIII, her main worries stem from the recent change in behavior of her brother Cedric. Now, more than ever, she relies on the support of her best friend Elise as she braves the trials ahead of her.

Aurelia La Guin

CSIV Aurelia

The former Noble Alliance Commander with the title "Golden Rakshasa," Aurelia acts as the current headmaster of Thors Military Academy II Branch School. A master swordswoman, she is the only person on the continent to master both the Vander and Arseid schools of swordsmanship. Her ultimate goal is to become the strongest woman on the continent, surpassing the Radiant Blademaster and eventually the Lance Maiden, Lianne Sandlot. In Cold Steel IV, she fights against the forces of Chancellor Osborne with her newly created Weissland Resurgent Army, led by her, Musee Egret, and Vita Clotilde.

That's it for this week. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan on September 27th for PS4. No word yet on a western release on it or its prequel. Check our gallery for new screenshots but please be careful with these because they contain spoilers.


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