Peter Triezenberg
Coming This Week, 8/13/18
Now you all know the bards and their songs...
08.13.18 - 11:27 PM

I know we say this in every Coming This Week segment, but this week is a particularly exciting one for RPG fans. It's not every week that you get a new World of Warcraft expansion, after all! But whether you ride with the Horde or die with the Alliance (I may be biased), there are also some exciting ports, rereleases, and hot new releases to look forward to. We've got a lot of ground to cover, so let's get this show on the road.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - PC (August 14th)

World of Warcraft has maintained its place as one of the most popular MMORPGs in the industry, not to mention one of Blizzard's flagship titles. The latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is set to take the world by storm on August 14th, with a host of new content for its player base to enjoy. Along with new Allied Races to recruit and the usual MMO expansion additions like an increased level cap and brand new areas, it even has a new PVE-based Warfront mode that will release after launch and serves as a nice callback to the series' strategy roots.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Screen Shot

The Bard's Tale Trilogy - PC (August 14th)

There's a new entry in the Bard's Tale series en route, which means it's high time gaming audiences had a chance to re-experience these games in all their splendor. The Bard's Tale Trilogy is bringing remastered versions of these classic dungeon crawlers to PC, with updated artwork to boot. The first of three volumes, Tales of the Unknown, releases tomorrow, with The Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate following in Fall and Winter 2018, respectively.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy Screenshot

Cosmic Star Heroine - Switch (August 14th)

Zeboyd Games has a knack for making retro-style throwbacks to popular JRPGs, and their latest effort, Cosmic Star Heroine, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch this week. With a design ethos cribbed from Chrono Trigger and nods to Phantasy Star and other classics, Cosmic Star Heroine is sure to scratch a very particular itch for retro-infused indies. Check out our review for more details.

Cosmic Star Heroine Switch Screenshot

Death's Gambit - PS4, PC (August 14th)

Has there been another game that has had quite as much influence on the modern gaming industry as Dark Souls? It's difficult to say, but the indie scene has exploded with games that adapt Dark Souls' rewarding combat and exploration mechanics into a two-dimensional plane. Death's Gambit is no exception; it looks fantastic, and PS4/PC players can get in on the action on August 14th.

Death's Gambit Screenshot

State of Mind - PS4, XB1, Switch, PC (August 15th)

We've been waiting for State of Mind for a long time, but it's finally time for this narrative adventure game to show us what it's got in store. The cyberpunk genre is a fertile place for compelling storytelling, so hopefully State of Mind continues in that vein. Check out our preview for more info.

State of Mind Screenshot

Wailing Heights - PS4, XB1 (August 14th PS4, August 15th XB1)

In case you missed this musical point-and-click with a sleek comic book style and ghostly possession mechanic back in 2016, it is being released this week on the PS4 and Xbox One. If you need either more monsters or more adventure games in your life, don't miss the chance to have a look.

Wailing Heights Screenshot

The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Episode 1 - PS4, XB1, PC, Switch (August 14th)

This is the last one for August 14th, I promise! See, I told you this was a busy week. Telltale's foray into the realm of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics is raring for a conclusion, with the first episode dropping this week. Prepare for the end of one of gaming's most beloved tales.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week! As always, check back with RPGFan for the latest and greatest RPG coverage... when you're not too busy running raids in Azeroth, that is.