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The Sky's the Limit: Old Characters Return in Trails of Cold Steel IV
Do I need to mention spoilers at this point?
08.18.18 - 7:16 PM

Another week, another batch of profiles to write non-spoilers for. This week, we have three characters returning from Trails in the Sky. One, we have seen a little of through footage, that being Scherazard Harvey. As for the other two, we saw the glimpse of them in the fifteen-second commercial from a couple weeks ago. So, now let's actually talk about them.

Scherazard Harvey

CSIV Schera

Schera is an A-rank bracer from the Liberl Kingdom with the title of The Silver Streak. In the events of Trails in the Sky, she worked alongside Estelle and Joshua to fight against Ouroboros' plans and succeeded in doing so. She also met and hit it off with Prince Olivert and even kept in touch with him afterwards. In Cold Steel III, she entered the kingdom of Erebonia alongside Agate in order to research Ouroboros' actions, acting independently from him. In Cold Steel IV, she is out of the shadows and aids the effort with her whip and quick wits.

Klaudia von Auslese


Known as Kloe Rinz to Estelle and most Sky fans, Klaudia is the crown princess of Liberl and a skilled fighter in fencing and healing magic. In the Sky Trilogy, she hid her identity from Estelle and Joshua but still fought beside them against Ouroboros and the forces against her kingdom. In Cold Steel IV, she works to end the newly arose conflict in Erebonia to obtain peace once more.

Cassius Bright

CSIV Cassius

Didn't expect this guy, did you? Whether you known him as Estelle's dad, the only shown S-Rank Bracer, a Divine Blade, Liberl's Brigadier General, or a stupidly hard fight in Sky 3, Cassius Bright is here. Cassius is the current Brigadier General of the forces of Liberl and a former S-Rank Bracer known as the Divine Blade. While he doesn't wield the katana anymore, his knowledge and inner peace gives him the fortitude to manipulate even the greatest of circumstances, even against Ouroboros. In Cold Steel, he is trying to reorganize Liberl's army while working alongside Olivert to make movements against the Imperial Government. In Cold Steel IV, he works alongside Klaudia to achieve her goals.

Seriously, though, Cassius was really hard in Sky 3. Also, teaming him up with Loewe was even more unfair. But, I digress. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release on PS4 in Japan on September 27th. There is currently no word on a western release of it or it's prequel. Check out our gallery if you are interested.


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