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RPGFan Hiring Drive: 2018 Turbo Edition EX
It's the most magical time of year. Or, at least, one of our largest hiring drives yet.
08.19.18 - 11:57 PM

RPGFan Hiring Drive 2018

Update 9/8/18: Applications are now closed! Thank you for applying, and after we review all of the applications, we will contact applicants with our decisions. Stay tuned.

Okay kiddos, we've occasionally told those who contacted us that a hiring drive was coming soon, and we've been planning what positions to include amongst ourselves for even longer. But here we are! We're looking to both fill recent vacancies and bolster other departments this month, so let's get right into what we're looking for.

Please note that all applications will remain open until September 8th at 12:00pm PDT. After that date, we will be reviewing and contacting applicants. Depending on the volume that we receive, it may take some time to hear back from us, but we will do our best to review them as soon as time allows.

Reviews & Previews

RPGFan is known for several things, but passionate, honest reviews are near the top of the list. We've been fortunate to have a long line of amazing writers on staff over the last 20 years, and continue to have many today. But there's always more games coming out, so we can always use more folks to talk about them.

We're looking for people to cover any kind of RPG, plus visual novels and other genres within our coverage. This time around, we're especially interested in people with a strong background/interest in Western RPGs, so if those are what you're into, we definitely want to hear from you!

RPGFan Music

RPGFan Music is dear to many of us, myself included. What our music teams have built over the years is an unprecedented compendium of RPG/adventure/visual novel music reviews. Add features, interviews, and that podcast that, yes, is coming back one day, and we have a lot to be proud of.

That said, unfortunately, most of our recent Music staff have had to depart for other pastures and careers. We have a major need for musically-minded RPG fans. More info is in the application, but we want people to not only write album reviews, but also news, and to be part of music features. We know there are many of you out there who love RPG music like we do, and we want to hear from you.


If there's one thing more frequent than new game and music releases, it's news. Hoo boy, is there ever a constant flow of RPG news out there. We've recently added a few people to the News team, but since these companies want to keep making more games, we can always use extra help.

If you have Japanese knowledge and a familiarity with Japanese game news sites, well, it's not at all required, but would certainly be a boon, so please get in touch with us!

Social Media

Our social media team continues to grow, with two recent hires, and we're looking to expand further. If you have a keen social sense and want to promote RPGFan's content on social media along with creating unique, engaging posts and discussions, let's chat.

Video & Streaming

Our Twitch schedule is nicely full every week, though to be fair, we put way too much pressure on Scott. If you have experience either streaming video or producing video content/regular shows and want to help us bolster RPGFan's video presence, now is your time to shine.

General Applications/Staff Writers

If you want to do something unrelated to all of the above positions, we're posting our general application as well. This isn't any less important, as we constantly have a running list of potential special features and articles at RPGFan, so if that kind of writing is what you've got a hankering for, this is the application you want.

Once again, all applications will remain open until September 8th at 12:00pm PDT, so please keep this cutoff date in mind. We look forward to hearing from you!


Twitch Schedule & Status

Sunday, November 18th
World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA w/Kat • 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Darksiders w/Maxx • 12pm PDT/3pm EDT
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory w/Kat • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT

Threads of Fate w/Kyle • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Zero Escape Trilogy w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE w/Nathan • 10:30am PDT/1:30pm EDT
Zero Escape Trilogy w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix w/Kyle • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Zero Escape Trilogy w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance w/Kat • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Friday Super Variety Night w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Zero Escape Trilogy w/Scott • 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

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