Peter Triezenberg
New Details and Screenshots for Compile Heart's Arc of Alchemist
Explore a mechanical desert land.
08.24.18 - 9:59 PM

Compile Heart has released some new details about their forthcoming RPG, Arc of Alchemist. From the game's official website, we learn that the game takes place in a "mechanical desert" setting. From what was once known as the Water Planet, excessive consumption of resources led to eventual decay and collapse. However, legends speak of a great power lurking in the Desert of Beginnings, and numerous countries have sent in expeditions to uncover it.

arc of alchemists desert

arc of alchemists compile heart

One of these countries, the Stolaschester Kingdom, has only been around for a mere century, but they are also sending expeditions into the desert. The leader of this expedition is the protagonist, Quinn Bravesford. With a device known as a Luna Gear in hand, Quinn will lead her team through the desert, where they are preyed upon by vicious Mechanical Dolls that protect this mysterious power.

Quinn herself is a capable commander, with a warm and compassionate side to her. However, she is "appalled" by the state of the world and the Desert, and as a result, she is "losing sight of the meaning of living." Along her journey, Quinn will be accompanied by the... voluptuous Sharon Valver (a researcher with mysterious powers of her own), and Sandra Wavnwright (a shield-wielding girl who is "tough talking"... and also dislikes carrots?).

arc of alchemists quinn

arc of alchemists sharonarc of alchemist sandra carrots

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more details on Arc of Alchemist. The game will release in Japan on November 29th for PlayStation 4, with no word yet on a Western release.


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