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Wild Arms: Million Memories Brings Esteemed RPG Franchise to Smartphones
Mobile RPG due in Japan soon.
09.01.18 - 11:49 PM

Publisher ForwardWorks has announced that the mobile phone-exclusive Wild Arms: Million Memories will launch in Japan "soon." Million Memories is a free-to-play application that will have in-app purchases, and will be available for iOS and Android. Pre-registration is available now on the game's official website.

Taking place once again on the planet of Filgaia, the game features a number of heroes from the other Wild Arms games (like Rudy and Virginia), along with newcomer Brittany Shrewsbury, a "cheerful girl born and raised in Blue Caravan" who trains to become an ARM master under the tutelage of her grandfather Clarence. Players progress through the story of Million Memories by taking on Battle Quests, and can also take on sub-quests focused on each individual character.

brittany wild arms

wild arms rudy wild arms ashley

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Combat is handled via swipes and taps of the player's finger, as one might expect: dodging an enemy's attack at the right time will cause a brief period of invincibility, and players can hold the screen to charge up an attack. Players can also use special techniques using their ARMs, which in this particular rendition of Wild Arms are card-like devices that draw their power from a metal known as the Dragon's Fossil (so, less Yu-Gi-Oh! and more Dinosaur King. Got it). You can see the game's combat in action in the brief clip below.

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