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Cold Steel IV Shows Off its Quests and Minigames
No BLADE. Worst game ever.
09.02.18 - 12:00 PM

Welcome to another week of "Falcom Teases Cold Steel IV," with DJ Gino as your MC. We are less than a month away from the Japanese release, which means this long running spoiler fest will finally be over and I can get back to real news: Persona Q2 info every other day. Anyways, Falcom is taking pity on us this week, and are only talking about the different quests you can take and the minigames available within the game. Let's get started.


As with most RPGs, this game has its fair share of side quests that players can do as a diversion from the main story. Trails usually does these using optional missions of sorts that are added with the main story's missions. Cold Steel IV seems to be expanding this by adding in missions that will expand on the game's lore more extensively than in the past. One of the quests revolves around you exploring a ruin with Randy and obtaining flashbacks about a particular character. Another is about asking members of Crossbell their opinions on recent laws passed during Erebonia's occupation. These quests promise to be more in-depth and dense compared to previous quests in the series. And there are much more than just those two.

CSIV Quest


Falcom is known for stuffing in some sort of minigame within their games, like fishing or Blade. Well, this time we have a few games to try out in Crossbell. First off, we have normal poker and blackjack. It seems after years of hearing about the famed casinos that Randy or Lecther would frequent, we finally get to experience one.

CSIV Poker

Do you like Tetris? I don't, personally, but that wouldn't stop other people from liking POMtto, a competitive puzzle game that appeared in Ao no Kiseki. Control the Poms that fall down and match three of a color to erase them. As you erase Poms, your craft points will increase and you can perform a S-Craft. Attack S-Crafts can give your opponent a huge amount of Poms while a defense one can erase Poms on your side.


Huh, a shooting roller coaster game in an RPG? I dig it. In Horror Coaster, you shoot at ghosts that appear before you. If you do not shoot ghosts fast enough, they may disappear and you will lose your chain combo. Yeah, there is also a chain combo for how many ghosts you can kill without one disappearing. In the depths of the manor, there lies the dreaded Weremishy. Players who beat him will receive a high score.

CSIV Horror Coaster

Last but not least, we have Vantage Masters, a competitive card battle game where a player draws a card and uses attacks, magic, and skills to defeat their opponent's master card. I feel like it's a combo of Duel Masters/Kaijudo and Cardfight Vanguard just from looking at the pictures. The Master cards "Paladin" and "Beast" which could only be used by opponents before, can be obtained and used as cards. New cards with strong abilities like the master card Shadow and Natiel "Ba-Mado" were also added.

CSIV Vantage Masters

I still want Blade, but that is for another time. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan on PS4 on September 27th. There is no word of a western release for it or its prequel. Check out our gallery for other new screenshots and continue coming to RPGFan as we countdown the final days to the Japanese release.


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