Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet Trailer Debuts
I don't know if my heart can take this one.
09.06.18 - 11:50 AM

And here we are, two days after our last Final Fantasy XIV report with that new trailer, and boy oh boy, it's a doozy.

Note that there are countless instances of what may be considered a vague (or less vague) spoiler present here, but this trailer for Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet packs a punch, and I'll admit I'm more than a little concerned about the fate of some of our comrades:

With this trailer comes another new batch of screenshots, all of which you can see in our Final Fantasy XIV gallery, but let's dig in to a few particular ones here...

Hells' Kier

Final Fantasy XIV Suzaku Screenshot

We just saw the phoenix-like form of Suzaku earlier in the week, but much like Byakko before her, it seems Suzaku will also do battle in a human-like form seen here. (I want her flaming tiara thing)

Omega: Alphascape

Final Fantasy XIV Omega Screenshot
Final Fantasy XIV Chaos Screenshot

The new trailer grants us a longer look into the new raid tier of Omega: Alphascape, which of course involves a battle with Omega Weapon itself. But can we also take a moment to bask in the gilded glory of seeing FFI's Chaos and his rippling muscles in full 3D glory.

The Shifting Altars of Uznair

Final Fantasy XIV Shifting Altars of Uznair Screenshot
Final Fantasy XIV Shifting Altars of Uznair Screenshot

Okay, for a patch titled Prelude in Violet, there's a copious amount of gold going on here. Look at that guy! The Shifting Altars of Uznair is a new dungeon type in the treasure map-and-luck-based dungeon series. If you find yourself in this type of dungeon, your challenges and progress are based on this giant roulette, with the wheel determining what you will fight to progress deeper, or if you'll be booted out (or in this case, sucked out by an Atomos).

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

Final Fantasy XIV Ceremony of Eternal Bonding Screenshot

In an effort to make weddings ceremonies of eternal bonding more interesting, new decor options and variations will be available to loving couples. Or those friends we all have who got in-game married just to get that 2-seat wedding chocobo. Are you already "bonded" but want to see the new decor for yourself? Square Enix has you covered, as you'll now be able to hold additional ceremonies to celebrate your anniversary.

Estate Tags

Final Fantasy XIV Estate Tags Screenshot

Finally, here's a small thing that even an astute eye like me somehow missed until this point. You'll now be able to add estate "tags" on your house or apartment. There's plenty of players who have designed their housing to look like a restaurant, spa, aquarium, or more, and now you'll be able to let other players know about some of your home's features, provided you welcome guests (and why wouldn't you want to show off your decorating abilities?)

And that's... probably it? With 12 days until release, it's still possible we'll see additional media, so be on the lookout. Otherwise, Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet drops on September 18th.


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