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RPGFan Music: Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV Review
Enjoy lush guitar arrangements of familiar tunes.
09.07.18 - 9:13 PM

If you have been following any of my music reviews these past years, then you might be aware of my fierce love for piano music. There's just something mysterious and captivating hearing the nuances in piano performances, especially when played by master pianists. However, I would be lying if said there wasn't another type of solo music that has almost as strong a hold of my senses. Classical guitar music is another favorite type of music I enjoy listening to frequently. This strong connection started roughly around 2009 when my alma mater held a concert around Halloween. All the music on the program was wonderful, but one particular act stole the show for me: a guitar ensemble playing video game themes and medleys. After experiencing arrangements from games such as Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong Country live, I knew I was at the right college to pursue my passion for video game music.

I apologize for being a little wordy with today's introductory post, but I felt a wind of nostalgia when I saw that our venerable Managing Editor, Mike Salbato, took time out of his busy schedule to review Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV. There's no doubt that I'm a fan of today's album, but let's see if Mr. Salbato feels the same way!


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