Trent Argirov
Path of Exile: Delve Available Now For PC and Xbox One
The latest in a sizeable roster of expansions for the free-to-play title.
09.08.18 - 11:59 AM

Suffusing darkness with exploration, the latest expansion for Path of Exile, known simply as 'Delve' is now available for PC and Xbox One. Pitting players against the Azurite Mine, Grinding Gear Games has implemented the infinite dungeon, a new gameplay conceit within Path of Exile's current content offerings. Check out a trailer, offering an explanation for some of the expansions unique features, below!

Path of Exile: Delve seems to be lengthening player customization and power progression to a greater degree than ever before, as seen by both the new resource of Azurite being able to power up gear beyond the limits of the previous expansions, as well as an ever-increasing challenge within an infinite dungeon with rewards to match.

Personally, Path of Exile, with the initial cost of nothing, seems to be a great way for ARPG aficionados or newcomers to the genre to dip their toes in without any great hit to the wallet.

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