Mike Salbato
One Final (?) Look at Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 4.4 Before Release
New gear, hairstyles, and yes, even a capybara await.
09.13.18 - 2:56 PM

See, I knew it. I said there would be more media for this patch before release, and here we are. Nine new screenshots today give us a look at even more coming to Final Fantasy XIV with next week's Patch 4.4.

Today is going to be a big Nintendo news day, so let's just plow through these:

Final Fantasy XIV Alphascape - Alpha ScreenshotFinal Fantasy XIV Alphascape - Chaos Screenshot


Two new screens show off one of the stars of the Omega raid series, with the adorable Alpha (he's the yellow one), and the viciously-rendered Chaos from FFI (he's the gold one).

Final Fantasy XIV Leap of Faith Screenshot Final Fantasy XIV Leap of Faith Screenshot

Manderville Gold Saucer - Leap of Faith

More platforming! The latest attraction coming to The Manderville Gold Saucer is "Leap of Faith," finally giving us a hair-pulling reason to visit that giant statue near Highbridge in the desert of Thanalan.

Final Fantasy XIV Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Gear Screenshot

Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Gear

Hoo boy. That's a gear set. Above are the new gear sets that will be available with the new Allagan Tomestones of Genesis, which will be acquired via the newest raids and dungeons. Dark Knights may not be keen on a white tank set, but otherwise, they've got a great color scheme going on this time.

Final Fantasy XIV Suzaku Mount ScreenshotFinal Fantasy XIV Capybara Minion Screenshot

New Mounts and Minions

The website for the patch declares there are "new mounts and minions," plural, so we don't know yet just how many will be added of each. But we do have this fiery doggo that will be won from Suzaku, and the capybara really needs no introduction. I needs one.

Final Fantasy XIV New Emotes Screenshot Final Fantasy XIV New Hairstyles Screenshot

New Emotes and Hairstyles

No patch is complete without new emotes and hairstyles, so here's a peek at both!

Okay, that's all for today. Given that we haven't seen the new gear from the Alphascape raid, and we usually do, we may very well be back before next Tuesday with another media post. In any case, mark your calendars for September 18th, because that's when Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet drops.


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