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Creators of Danganronpa and Zero Escape Join Forces as Too Kyo Games
The new company already has four projects underway!
09.19.18 - 11:03 PM

The twisted minds behind Danganronpa and the Zero Escape series are coming together in the form of a new company! Too Kyo Games, the new company, is already chugging along with multiple projects.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

The director and scenario writer of Danganronpa, Kazutaka Kodaka, said this about Too Kyo Games:

The object of this company is to do something new, which is the creation of a new IP commonly known all over the world and in a future we will make indie games by ourselves. This new company enables us to move freely towards the goal.

Joining Kodaka are several prolific video game veterans, including Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Esccape series writer and director), Takumi Nakazawa (Ever17, Root Double writer and director), Youichirou Koizumi (Break-kun Core, Ultra Despair Hagakure), Shimadoriru (illustrator and character designer for for Danganronpa, Fate/Grand Order), and Masafumi Takada (composer and arranger for the Danganronpa series).

Too Kyo Games already has four projects underway, including one anime:

Project #1 (Game)

"A Game with a Kodaka x Uchikoshi Joint Scenario! 'Limit' x 'Despair.'"
A video game that all creators of Too Kyo Games will concentrate their abilities on. The genre has not revealed yet. Kodaka and Uchikoshi will make the scenario together.

Project #2 (Anime)

"Everyone is a Villain."
An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. The original author is Kodaka and the character designer is Komatsuzaki. They will depict the image of action films in the 1990s such as Pulp Fiction and The Professional.

Project #3 (Game)

"A Children's Death Game, By Children, for Children."
An action adventure game by Kodaka as a general manager, Uchikoshi as a scenario writer, and Nakazawa as a director. The concept art drawn by Take (illustrator, known for Tawagoto) represents school children playing death game. It is very shocking.

Project #4 (Game)
"A Spike Chunsoft x Too Kyo Games Dark Fantasy-Esque Mystery."
Collaboration of the development team of Danganronpa and Spike Chunsoft. Kodaka actually started this project before his retirement of Spike Chunsoft. We imagine a kind of cyberpunk world from this art. Komatsuzaki designs the characters, Shimadoriru designs background, and Takada directs the sounds.

Fans anticipating Kotaro Uchikoshi's upcoming game, AI: The Somnium Files, do not have to worry: the director confirmed his position at Too Kyo Games will not interfere with his work on the game.

You can check out Too Kyo Games's website here. We will keep you posted when we hear more details on Too Kyo Games's projects!


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