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Coming This Week, 9/24/18
Did all of the tank-themed RPGs plan their schedules together or something?
09.24.18 - 10:17 PM

Okay, so we all know that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming out this week, which is nice and all, but did you also know that the new Metal Max game drops on the same day? It's like all of the RPGs that prominently feature tanks decided to coordinate their assault on our wallets. Anyway, we've got a lot to cover this week, so without further ado...

Metal Max Xeno Screenshot

Metal Max Xeno - PlayStation 4 (September 25th)

...let's begin with a game I already mentioned, Metal Max Xeno, which strives to answer the time-honored question: can love bloom on a battlefield? Sorry, Metal Max, but I think Hideo Kojima already beat you to this one. Regardless, this adventure starring a boy and his tank will be driving onto PS4 this coming Tuesday. Keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

We're not druids, mom: South Park: The Stick of Truth Screenshot

South Park: The Stick of Truth - Nintendo Switch (September 25th)

How did South Park, of all things, get past the puritans at Nintendo? Well, considering that Night Trap is available on the Switch, it would seem that the times, they are a'changing. Regardless of your feelings towards the source material (mine are... mixed), South Park: The Stick of Truth is a dope little RPG and certainly in the upper echelon of South Park-related games. That's not a very high bar to clear, but hey, more games on Switch! Check out our review if you'd like to know more.

A tank sits in a field of flowers: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Screenshot

Valkyria Chronicles 4 - PS4, XB1, PC, Switch (September 25th)

The Valkyria Chronicles series is making a grand return to modern consoles with Valkyria Chronicles 4. After the sequels to the PS3 original deviated onto handheld systems (and, in some cases, went unlocalized), well, mistakes were made. It's exciting to see the series get a second chance. Valkyria Chronicles 4 returns to its strategy RPG roots, taking players back to the war-torn battlefields of the Second Europan War. But will resurgent anime tropes ruin the experience? You'll have to wait for our imminent review to find out.

Timespinner Screenshot

Timespinner - PC, PS4, PS Vita (September 25th)

Inspired by '90s platformers (think Castlevania: SotN), Timespinner lets you use your time-bending powers and platforming skills to explore a dark and rich world with some interesting characters — and familiars — on the way to seek justice against a violent empire. Collect elemental magic orbs to build skills...and just get a look at that gorgeous pixel art. Who doesn't need a jewelry-adorned crow friend?

Life is Strange 2 Screenshot

Life is Strange 2 - PS4, XB1, PC (September 27th)

Here we have the first episode of Life is Strange 2, the latest in the popular episodic series that tackles heavy emotional themes with a supernatural twist in the proceedings. So it's like Twin Peaks but for video games, and not designed by SWERY? Regardless, get ready for the latest in the franchise on Thursday.

Whispering Willows Screenshot

Whispering Willows - Switch (September 27th)

And in case you're interested in games with straight up ghosts, Whispering Willows is headed for the Switch. Use a ghost form to solve puzzles and interact with incorporeal residents in a very atmospheric lonely mansion while searching for clues surrounding protagonist Elena's missing father. (Great name, that.) On September 27th, you too can sense different types of ghosts with Switch HD Rumble patterns.

Dragalia Lost Artwork

Dragalia Lost - iOS and Android (September 27th)

Ah, yes, here are the dragons. Now we're back into conventional RPG territory. Wait. It's a mobile game? Well, then. This game is a fleshed out action RPG on iOS and Android that offers a multiplayer option. It's a new Nintendo RPG created specifically for mobile, and it's free to play, so why not pick it up?

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk Screenshot

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk - 3DS (September 28th)

There's some hardboiled detective action brewing for the 3DS this week with the release of Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk. Aksys Games is bringing us Jake's latest case, drawing us into a mansion setting with some supernatural elements. You can also find passwords to unlock side stories and access bonus features!

And that'll about do it. As always, dear reader, stay tuned to RPGFan for the latest and greatest RPG coverage. We'll see you next time!


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