Alana Hagues
Valkyria Chronicles Switch Review
Ready to buy this one again?
12.26.18 - 5:51 PM

Happy holidays from RPGFan! I'm sure most of you are still recovering from overindulgence just like I am, but surely you've got a stack of new games to play, right? Maybe you Switch owners have got room for one more?

Valkyria Chronicles Screenshot

For those who have a Switch and are looking for a good, meaty strategy RPG to dig into, Valkyria Chronicles got a port back in October. If you've missed out on this before, then now's the perfect time to grab a copy. Of course, the fourth installment in the series also came out earlier this year, but it's great to see the Valkyria name back on home consoles (and in the right way too). The venerable John Tucker came back to check the first game off of his backlog. You can read his thoughts on the Switch port of Valkyria Chronicles right here!