Mike Salbato
Twitch Sunday: Wargroove
Who's a good boy!?
02.09.19 - 10:50 PM

There are more than a few fans of Nintendo/Intelligent Systems' Advance Wars series around here, to say nothing of the gaming community as a whole. The last Advance Wars game was 2008's Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on the original Nintendo DS. It's one of those early 2000s properties — like Golden Sun — that just needs to return one day.

We still don't know if it ever will, but for now, that's okay, because we have Chucklefish's Wargroove. A strategy RPG that's drawn more than a few comparisons to Intelligent Systems' venerable series, Wargroove is quickly making fans thanks to its tight gameplay, colorful and gorgeous sprite-based graphics, and, oh yeah, adorable dogs. It's the whole package.

So come by our Twitch channel on Sunday at 10am PST/1pm EST to see Kyle's Wargroove stream. We'll see you there!

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