Alana Hagues
Kingdom Hearts III Review
The light that never goes out.
02.12.19 - 1:11 PM

Yes, Kingdom Hearts III is a real game. I'm sure a lot of you are playing it right now (I certainly am!) because it's been a long wait, and the fan's appetites are at their most ravenous. Kingdom Hearts has never been bigger than it is right now. Plus, this time, there's no ridiculous naming conventions in the title!

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

In Kingdom Hearts III, you can cook, take pictures, run up walls, ride Disney amusements and save worlds. There's so much packed in this package! But what does it all amount to? Is this a satisfying conclusion to the "Xehanort Saga"? Zach Wilkerson is among the fans that have been waiting years for this game, and he's more than happy with the final product. Check out Zach's full thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III right here!