Alana Hagues
West of Loathing's DLC, Reckonin' at Gun Manor, is out now!
Check out our updated review!
02.15.19 - 5:39 PM

In case you missed it last week, Jonathan Logan awarded the turn-based Western RPG West of Loathing an Editor's Choice for its outstanding humour and excellent role playing mechanics. It's had my interest piqued for a while, but this review sold me and you should absolutely check it out if you're on the fence.

A few days after his review went live, Asymmetric Publications released some brand new content for the game. The DLC, titled Reckonin' at Gun Manor, adds so many new things to an already rich game, including items, locations and enemies. And really, can you resist even more Wild West hilarity? Jonathan's updated his review to reflect this, so here's another chance to see just how great West of Loathing really is!