Mitchell Mulroy
Daedelic Entertainment Announces Dark Fantasy RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead
The Necromancer game all the liches have been waiting for.
02.21.19 - 9:57 PM

Yesterday, Russian studio Unfrozen announced a new RPG with a dark twist. The game, called Iratus: Lord of the Dead, will feature the player taking the role of necromancer and using the bodies of heroes they kill to wreak havoc through a turn-based combat system. You can even customize what your zombified minions look like! Check out more info and a launch trailer below.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

In Iratus: Lord of the Dead players use bones, flesh and other... squishy parts from deceased enemies to create monsters which they personally control and customize, with more than 50 different skills to choose from. As players defeat enemies and venture further into the dungeon, Iratus' power grows too with different alchemy, magic and tactical talents to unlock and utilize.
Challenging turn-based battles are a matter of life and (un)death in Iratus. When defeated minions perish in battle they vanish from the game forever, so you will need to proceed carefully in the gameworld and learn the strengths and weaknesses of all enemies faced in order to succeed.
Key Features:
  • Join the powerful undead necromancer Iratus on his path to freedom and vengeance

  • Deep and challenging turn-based combat with permadeath

  • Grimdark fantasy atmosphere with stylish 2D graphics

  • Cyusing [sic] a powerful crafting system

  • Choose from to enhance Iratus' combat abilities

Iratus: Lord of the Dead releases on Steam this summer for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Check back with RPGfan for more updates, and be sure to look at some new screenshots in our gallery!