Peter Triezenberg
Tetsuya Nomura Confirms Critical Mode, More Downloadable Content Coming to Kingdom Hearts III
We may get our Final Mix yet.
02.27.19 - 10:38 AM

After a tremendously long wait, Kingdom Hearts III is finally here, arriving to critical and commercial acclaim. But while the game more than delivers on the Keyblade-swinging actions fans have come to expect, a slightly anemic post-game and lack of a few other features left some players wanting. Well, worry not: in an interview with Dengeki Online, series creator Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that there will be some downloadable content coming to KH3, including the highly anticipated Critical Mode.

Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode DLC

According to Nomura, Critical Mode has been a "Final Mix additional thing" in the past, so the company will release it later after they fine-tune it. "We don't want to just end in adjusting damage numbers, but we constantly adjust/debug it. We don't want it just hard, but fun and challenging." On the subject of Kingdom Hearts III's record-breaking sales numbers, Nomura said that the numbers exceeded his expectations, but it doesn't really feel like development is over because the team is working on add-on content.

Nomura and his team will be rolling out DLC based on whatever they finish first: there will be some free updates added to the game, as well as a substantial piece of paid DLC. The team's goal is to finish working on DLC by the end of 2019, and move on to their next game. According to Nomura, in the past there have been Final Mix-style rereleases of Kingdom Hearts III, but this time they want to add "every additional content via DLC."

Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Final Mix DLC

Here's hoping that the DLC for Kingdom Hearts III lives up to the standard set by past entries. Be sure to stay tuned to RPGFan for more information.