Peter Triezenberg
Spike Chunsoft Details Localization Changes for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Don't worry, nothing of value has been lost.
03.01.19 - 8:11 PM

Spike Chunsoft's dungeon-crawling RPG Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will be making its debut in the West this April. As the game's release is fast approaching, the developers have issued a list of enhancements and content adjustments that are being made to the Western version.

Zanki Zero Localization Changes

First off, some updates from the Japanese version will be added to the English release. These include swimsuit DLC and a re-balanced difficulty (including fixes to the UI), as well as a New Game + option. New skills are also being added to the English release, and will make their way to the Japanese version in a future update. You can find a full list of enhancements down below.

  • Added New Game+

  • Skill points, Shigabane, Clione, Sound Player, and Extend Machine SCORE carry over into new game

  • Overall enemy power adjusted

  • Reduced damage when knocked into a wall by enemy attacks

  • Reduced SCORE points lost when returning to Base from a Ruins or after Game Over

  • Items picked up while inventory is full automatically move to another character's inventory

  • Shortcut to move items from party member to sub-member

  • Upon using a co-op Charge Attack, cooldown time will not be applied to characters who did not attack

  • Materials can stack up to x99 items in one slot (Does not apply to weapons/armor)

  • Boss respawn time reduced by half as many days

  • More water bottles appear on Garage Island

  • Shorter loading time for certain events

  • Fixed some tutorials

  • Items that disappear after being dropped in an area with too many items will now re-appear on Garage Island's beach

  • Added "Days Elapsed" tracker in system menu

  • Weapons and armor that could not be used by certain age groups modified so they can now be used by all ages, though ATK and DEF will be reduced to 1/4 (This penalty can be eliminated with certain skills)

  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

Included in Day 1 US release, and planned in a patch for the Japanese release:

  • New skills

  • Difficulty I: Lowered difficulty to allow players to focus on story and puzzle-solving (other difficulties have not been modified)

Zanki Zero Packaging

Spike Chunsoft is also making some adjustments to Zanki Zero's content in order to "comply with the Western market." These mainly involve altering any scenes that could allude to the sexualization of minors: in other words, nothing of value is being removed. You can read a full list of altered content below.

PlayStation 4 Packaging art
  • In order to conform to public storefront display standards, images that can be interpreted as too sexually provocative must be modified.

Sachika Bedroom Scene CGIs
  • In the Japanese release, Sachika's panties are visible. In the Western release, Sachika is wearing pajama bottoms.

Sachika CGI in the Opening Scene
  • In the Japanese release, Sachika's panties are visible. In the Western release, the camera angle has been raised to not show Sachika's panties.

Child Rinko Extend Machine CGI
  • In the Japanese release, Child Rinko covers her chest with her arms. In the Western release, the position of her arms has been adjusted.

  • All "Child" bedtime event cutscenes removed

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning launches on April 9th for PS4 and Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info.