Alana Hagues
Anthem Review
BioWare's big gamble is here. Does it pay off?
03.03.19 - 6:46 PM

After Mass Effect: Andromeda, many people wondered where BioWare would go next. From a studio that looked impervious when the original Mass Effect trilogy was in full swing, even ignoring the controversial ending of the third game, none could have expected their fourth Mass Effect game to be a disappointment. So BioWare decided to make something new, and Anthem is a stark departure from their previous efforts.

Anthem Screenshot

There's been some early warning signs highlighted by the betas in January and February leading up the game's release. Caitlin Argyros played both of these and went into the final product hopeful, but cautious given the myriad of problems. Now, having beaten the final game, she's written a bumper review for us. Check out Caitlin's thoughts on Anthem right here!