Peter Triezenberg
Coming This Week, 3/4/19
I feel so alive!
03.04.19 - 3:42 PM

It's always interesting when game developers bring back a beloved franchise after years of absence. Will the new entry live up to fan expectations or be relegated to bargain bins and garage sales within a month? Even the worst spin-offs can develop a kind of cult status after a few years (looking at you, Dirge of Cerberus), so who can say? You all might think I'm talking about Devil May Cry 5 with that rambling introduction, and you would be... wrong, because we don't cover Devil May Cry. But, we've got some interesting games to cover in this installment of Coming This Week regardless, so let's pull our Devil Triggers and jump into it.

Left Alive Screenshot

Left Alive - PS4, Windows (March 5th)

See, I was actually talking about Front Mission instead. In case you didn't know, Front Mission was a series of mecha-themed SRPGs that had a promising run up until the middle of the PlayStation 2 era and was left to die with the truly abysmal Front Mission Evolved. Left Alive is an ambitious-looking third-person shooter set in the Front Mission universe, and it's exciting to see this particular property make a comeback. With character art done by Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa and Toshifumi Nabeshima of Armored Core fame at the helm, there are certainly big names behind this title. Here's hoping this title does well enough to put Front Mission back on the map, even if the reception the game received in Japan is concerning.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn Screenshot

Eternity: The Last Unicorn - PS4, Windows (March 5th)

Void Studios is bringing us an epic adventure in Eternity: The Last Unicorn on Tuesday. So far, it looks like an interesting combination of traditional unicorn-related fantasy and Norse mythology. Your destiny awaits, as you have been tasked with removing the curse from the last remaining unicorn and consequently the elven people. Set out to explore and save the elves' precious immortality. I'd love to settle in with a cup of Valhalla Java and try this one out, because, I mean, look at that unicorn. Not taking any nonsense from anyone.

Edge of Eternity Chapter II Screenshot

Edge of Eternity, Chapter II: The Plains of Solna - Windows (March 6th)

Speaking of games I really, really want to see succeed, Edge of Eternity is getting its second chapter on Wednesday. This early-access indie JRPG looks absolutely phenomenal and promises to bring back the core tenets of everything fans love about the genre. The Plains of Solna update will add new characters, quests, weapons, and more. If you'd like to know more about Edge of Eternity, certified person of quality Caitlin Argyros has you covered with her preview.

UPDATE: After last week, release dates for Doom & Destiny are now 2/28/19 EU and 3/4/19 NA.

And that's a wrap for this week, all! A smaller release week for RPGs and RPG-adjacent titles, but that's by no means a bad thing. (Editor's note: That leaves time for those Devil Triggers, perhaps?) Stay tuned to RPGFan for more of the best RPG coverage on the planet, and we'll see you next week.