Alana Hagues
Retro Review: Pokémon Colosseum
This series hasn't always been exactly the same!
03.13.19 - 6:44 PM

Think back to 2003, when we found out we were getting a console Pokémon RPG! Little old me was very excited and picked up Pokémon Colosseum on day one. 15 years after its Western release, and the game is remembered fondly for trying something a bit different.

Pokémon Colosseum Screenshot

And believe it or not, we've never reviewed either game in this sub-series either! Ace Trainer Nathan Lee stepped up to catch 'em all in a game where you don't catch wild Pocket Monsters. Sound strange? With Generation 8 on the horizon, we're here to get you excited by looking back at one of the most unusual games in the series! Nathan's review of Pokémon Colosseum is right here for your reading pleasure!