Hilary Andreff
Coming This Week, 3/18/19
Every buddy celebrate this week in games!
03.18.19 - 5:09 PM

It looks like winter may finally be winding down, and it's the calm before the storm in terms of game releases this week as well...with the notable exception of some adorable Final Fantasy friends arriving. (I can't wait; I sank so much time into the first Chocobo's Dungeon.) We also have a variety of games coming to new platforms for those making use of this time to catch up on previously released titles. Whether you choose to find some paths or indulge in some stories, you can't go wrong with this lineup. Without further delay, here's what you can expect to see this week.

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! Screenshot

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! - PS4, Switch (March 20th)

It's hard to resist a good dungeon crawl, and what better company than the adorable creatures from the Final Fantasy universe? Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! is a reimagining of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon with a plethora of new features. This installment includes co-op (yay) and a new buddy system — hence the title — to recruit a large variety of allies. Unique randomly-generated dungeons await! Fans of this spinoff franchise and newcomers alike should have fun with this one.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder Battle Screenshot

Azure Saga: Pathfinder Deluxe Edition - Switch (March 21st)

Azure Saga: Pathfinder brought us some classic RPG gameplay with a sci-fi twist in 2018, and now the search for the planet that will save humanity comes to the Switch with an improved Deluxe Edition. This game boasts some refined character customization and beautiful hand-drawn art, so this is the time to check it out. Use those united skills and enjoy those extra little perks like costumes while you're at it!

Stories: The Path of Destinies Screenshot

Stories: The Path of Destinies - XB1 (March 22nd)

As the name implies, Stories: The Path of Destinies is a narrative-driven title where the game adjusts based on your approach to decisions. You work through literal "chapters" to confront the evil emperor and learn "truths" before returning to the point where you made your first choice in an attempt to finish the story. The narrative style employed is a lighthearted take compared to many other games that use this method, so if that sounds good, give it a try. You can also check out our review of the PC version to get more information. It looks like there's a discount when it first launches, so that's an extra bonus.

And that's all for this installment. Enjoy the week, we'll see you next time, and keep checking RPGFan for the latest and greatest in RPG coverage.