Keegan Lee
Dragon Star Varnir Comes to PlayStation 4 This Summer
I know "witch" game I'll be picking up!
03.18.19 - 11:45 PM

Developer Idea Factory has revealed that their upcoming RPG, Dragon Star Varnir, will be making its way to western PlayStation 4's later this year! Along with this announcement, Idea Factory has also released a brand new trailer, showing off the games protagonist, and a slew of new characters!

For those unfamiliar with the game, Dragon Star Varnir follows the story of Zephy, a young knight who hunts witches for a living. While on a mission, Zephy is brutally attacked by a dragon and left for dead. As our hero begins to fade away, he is found by two witches, who save his life by giving him dragons blood. His fate now entwined with the witches, Zephy must confront a brutal empire, merciless witch hunters, and a witch whose power knows no bounds.

Dragon Star Varnir Zephy

Dragon Star Varnir is set to release this Summer in Europe and North America for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!