Peter Triezenberg
Kingdom Hearts III's Co-Director Gives Update on Critical Mode
For those cruising for a bruising.
03.19.19 - 12:26 AM

One of the primary criticisms levied against the recently released Kingdom Hearts III — while overall a very well-received game — was the game's difficulty level, or rather the lack thereof. Kingdom Hearts III is a very easy game, with even the optional superboss going down fairly quickly against prepared players. In order to assuage the concerns of fans, KHIII's co-director Tai Yasue did shed some light on the upcoming Critical Mode patch at this year's GDC.

Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Update GDC 2019

According to Yasue in a discussion with Game Informer, Kingdom Hearts III's Critical Mode will be more "technical and offensive," being intended for players who are skilled at action games and "timing attacks." This will require players to "change the way" they play Kingdom Hearts III. Hopefully, between Critical Mode and the forthcoming DLC, a meatier challenge will soon be on offer for those seeking it.

Kingdom Hearts III Frozen Marshmallow

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