Alana Hagues
Final Fantasy IX Switch Review
You don't need a reason to review your favourite games!
03.19.19 - 6:50 PM

It's the best Final Fantasy everyone!

Wait, you don't agree with me? Well, that's okay. But you can't deny that over time Final Fantasy IX has gained many fans with its charming visuals, fantastic story and fun characters. It was a celebration of everything that had come before it, but it executed everything so well. We've seen it on PS3, Steam, mobiles, PS4, and now the Xbox One and Switch get a go too!

Final Fantasy IX Switch Screenshot

Our very own Random Encounter host, Greg Delmage, jumped at the opportunity to cover the Switch port of the game. Having one of the best RPGs of all time in the palm of your hands is perfect, right? Check out Greg's review right here to find out if that's the case!