Keegan Lee
AI-LIMIT Announced For PlayStation 4
A new Action RPG for you Sci-Fi fans!
03.19.19 - 11:14 PM

Sony Interactive Entertainment of Shanghai and developer Palm Pioneer have recently announced a new action RPG for the PlayStation 4, titled AI-LIMIT. A member of the "China Hero Project" series of games, AI-LIMIT promises to push the boundaries of what an action RPG is, and what the genre can do.

Ai Limit

Players take control of Arrisa, our heroine with mastery over a rich assortment of weapons and abilities. By swapping between different sets of clothing and "components," players will be able to customize both Arrisa's style and abilities. Along with Arrisa, the world of AI-LIMIT is chock full of colorful characters, some who will help our heroine on her quest, others who will stand in her way. With multiple endings planned for the game, it seems like AI-LIMIT is gonna be a new heavy hitter in the RPG genre!

No release date has been announced for AI-LIMIT, but stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite RPGs!