Peter Triezenberg
Take A Late Night Drive in Neo Cab for Nintendo Switch
The Uber simulator you never knew you wanted.
03.21.19 - 11:41 AM

During yesterday's Nindies Spring 2019 presentation, Nintendo unveiled an "emotional survival game" called Neo Cab. Set in the dystopian city of Los Ojos, players control Lina, the last human driver in a city overrun by automation. Your goal is to make enough money and keep your job as a driver long enough to locate Lina's friend, who has gone missing.

Neo Cab Nintendo Switch

Neo Cab features a branching story, where the player's actions and the game's unique "emotion" mechanic will impact what happens to Lina and those she encounters. The streets of Los Ojos are procedurally generated, meaning that there are new encounters and items to discover. You can find more new screenshots from Neo Cab in our gallery.

Check out the announcement trailer for Neo Cab down below. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info.