Corey Hall
New Yakuza Title Announced for PS4, Yakuza 5 HD Gets a Release Date in Japan
New Yakuza entry, new protagonist!
03.22.19 - 10:51 PM

A new entry in the Yakuza series will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and will star New Yakuza Series protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga. Sega recently announced the upcoming installment, though no release date or official title was given.

Ichiban Kasuga, the newest protagonist in the Yakuza series, and a mysterious female companion will lead the next installment in the Yakuza games on PlayStation 4.

The company also announced that it is holding open auditions for the role of Kasuga's female partner, and are accepting auditions for the part up until April 21st over on their official website.

In other Yakuza news, Yakuza 5 HD has also received a release date, which will bring the third and final mainline title from the PlayStation 3 to the latest Sony hardware.

Kiryu and the boys hit the streets in Yakuza 5 HD from Sega.

Handsome rapscallion Goro Majima takes a cigarette break in Yakuza 5 HD from Sega.

Releasing on June 20th in Japan, the remaster will support 1080p visuals at 60 frames per second. You can check out the upgraded version of this explosive title in the trailer below!

There's still no word yet on whether the trilogy of HD remastered Yakuza titles will make their way outside of Japan, but given the series' recent popularity in the West, fans can remain hopeful for the future.