David Lloyd
Larian Studios Announces New Tactical RPG, Divinity: Fallen Heroes
The multi-platform release will be set in the Divinity: Original Sin universe.
03.28.19 - 11:40 AM

Larian Studios has announced Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a new tactical role-playing game set in the Divinity: Original Sin universe. The new tactical RPG will feature over 60 hand-crafted missions, with the outcomes impacting the overall story. Using the Original Sin II engine, tactical gameplay is intermixed with RPG choices and mechanics that allow you to dive deep into the world of Rivellon. Recruit troops from a number of different races to build an army to take into battle.

The announcement trailer from Larian Studios is available to watch below:

No set release date has been confirmed except that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be released on multiple platforms in 2019.