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Enjoy Even More New Details, Screenshots, and Videos from Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
Falcom is pulling out all the stops with this one.
03.28.19 - 9:22 PM

Falcom has opened up the official website for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, and you know what that means: a whole bunch of new info, screenshots, and accompanying video.

First up, a new piece of key art, featuring (who I can only assume is) our boy Adol!


Ys IX takes place in Baldeux, also known as the "Prison City," which is located in Gllia Eldlingen, a province of the Romun Empire. As the nickname implies, Baldeux is home to an enormous prison, lined with castle walls and a moat. Mysterious creatures known as Monstrum have recently begun appearing around the city and causing disturbances.

I became someone other than myself. Have you ever that kind of dream?

I think about myself in that dream. Is this me, or is this not me?

Are dreams reality, or are reality dreams? I've reached an awfully simple answer.

"Whichever is fine."

Which is true—or which is not true. Both are reality.

– An excerpt from "Baldeux's Cell"


The Monstrum are mysterious beings with supernatural powers, and are widely feared by the city residents. They are so named due to their strange outfits and abilities. They don't appear to have a clear leader: some of the Monstrum help the poor, while others attack and rob people.

Representing this dichotomy, a couple of new characters have also been introduced. They are White Cat and Hawk. White Cat is a Robin Hood-type figure who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, and specialized in speedy attacks. Meanwhile, Hawk is a murderer whose attitude means he doesn't get along with even his fellow Monstrum. He wields dual swords and is known as "Heaven's Justice."

Ys IX White Cat

Ys IX Hawk

Ys IX Screenshot Ys IX Screenshot

Ys IX is bringing a few enhancements to the Ys formula. One improvement we can expect from the game is "Heaven's Run," which lets players scale vertical walls.

There's also the "Hunter Glide," which allows the player to glide great distances. This can be used evasively or to travel.

For more new screenshots from Ys IX, check out our updated gallery. The game is due for release in Japan this Fall on PlayStation 4.

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