Mike Salbato
Switch Port When? ~ Special Feature
45 Games We Want to See on Nintendo's Sometimes Portable Console.
03.30.19 - 4:00 PM

This month marks the second anniversary of the Nintendo Switch. Ever since the console's reveal in early 2017, Nintendo's unique home and portable device has captivated millions. Since 2017, the Switch has seen evermore titles released for it, from both large studios to countless indie developers, thanks to Nintendo's "Nindies" push. The Switch quickly became so popular that any new promising game that gets announced without a Switch port immediately causes people to ask when the Switch version is coming.

And that's where this feature comes from: That desire to have all of our new and old RPG/adventure favorites available for play whether at home or out and about. Nintendo themselves helped kickstart our thoughts here as they gradually bring over enhanced releases of some of their excellent Wii U titles that simply had no audience on that lackluster platform.

The RPGFan staff got together and, along with some Wii U games we wanted to see get a second life, we went back to earlier consoles like the GameCube and even some PC releases that would be at home with the Switch's growing library of point and click games. And, of course, no Nintendo game wishlist feature would be complete without THAT Game Boy Advance game that has yet to leave Japan.

Settle in and enjoy our list of 45 titles that have us asking, "Switch port when?"

Switch Port When? 45 Games We Want to See on Nintendo's Sometimes Portable Console