Keegan Lee
Next Generation Title In Development From Square Enix
With Yoshi-P at the helm, the new title is bound for greatness!
04.01.19 - 10:52 PM

Square Enix has been going through some pretty big internal restructuring lately, shifting around some of their best developers and artists into new positions. As the dust is now beginning to settle, Square Enix has some big plans for the upcoming years.

The 3rd Development Division, formerly known as Business Division 5, is now being led by Naoki Yoshida, known for his amazing work in the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV. While Yoshida doesn't plan on ending his work with Final Fantasy XIV any time soon, a new posting on Square Enix's official recruitment page has revealed that the 3rd Development Division is already hard at work developing a new title for the next generation of consoles!

Final Fantasy XIV

Exact details on this new project are pretty non-existent, however, we do know that the title has completed its initial development phase and moved into the beginnings of production. On the recruitment page, Yoshida has stated his need for developers who can deliver both fun and surprising elements into their games. Will this title be a new entry in the long running Final Fantasy series? Or perhaps the team will create a whole new IP all together? Only time will tell!

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