Mike Salbato
Now Hiring: Social Media Staff
Come socialize with us!
04.05.19 - 10:17 PM

Early last fall, we ran a mega-sized hiring drive here at RPGFan, and we picked up some immensely talented people. By now, you've likely read reviews from newer folk such as Zach, Audra, and Jonathan, or read Kyle Seeley's Kingdom Hearts feature, and Pete Leavitt's deep dive into Cyber Knights RPG.

And, relevant to today's topic at hand, if you've been enjoying our presence on social media and been a part of our growing audience there, a portion of that reason is thanks to Lucy, our latest social media hire. And while Lucy joins a small team of talented social individuals, well, there's a lot of RPG news and reviews worth talking about, every single day, so we need more people to help out!

Unlike the aforementioned hiring drive where we're filling positions in all departments, this time it's only for social media, since we want to focus on that. In the coming months, we will be looking to bolster other departments, as well.

Applications are now closed! Thank you for your interest, and if you submitted an application, we will be in touch!