Alana Hagues
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Double Review
A grand finale in the form of two reviews
04.07.19 - 5:15 PM

That's it folks, Final Fantasy XV is over. It's taken over two years to get the complete package - though, given that three of the final four DLC episodes were cancelled, is it really the complete package we wanted? Regardless of your feelings on the game, it's certainly been a wild ride.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Screenshot

Capping the story off we have a tale all about Final Fantasy XV's nefarious Ardyn, the game's main antagonist. He was almost universally praised for being an exciting villain, one who was devious, powerful and cunning, and who almost got what he wanted. Episode Ardyn shines even more light on your foe, giving him a tragic backstory and a dose of humanity. Wait, the villain is likeable?

To celebrate and mourn the end of the story, we have two very different takes on this final piece of DLC. First, we have Bob Richardson's thoughts. He reviewed the PC version of the game last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was Ardyn's adventure to his liking? Secondly, we have Peter Triezenberg's review, and those who frequent RPGFan will know Peter is our resident Final Fantasy XV expert. Does the DLC meet his expectations? Read both of our reviews to find out if Episode Ardyn is the ending we deserve!