Tyler Trosper
Warner Bros. Japan Debuts Ni no Kuni Anime Film Trailer
The movie releases in Japan this summer.
04.12.19 - 12:44 AM

We now have a look at the first footage of the Ni no Kuni animated movie! Warner Bros. Japan released the debut trailer, showing off Yu and Haru's journey into the world of Ni no Kuni.

You can find the debut trailer for Ni no Kuni film below:

The anime film will be set in both the real world and the world of the games. Several key staff from the series are working on the film, such as Yoshiyuki Momose as director, Joe Hisiaishi for the score, and Level-5's CEO, Akihiro Hino, as executive producer. The film is being animated by OLM.

The Ni no Kuni animated film releases in Japan this summer. We will keep you posted for more information!