Corey Hall
Developer Confirms a New Story of Seasons Title is in Development
A bountiful harvest is on the horizon for fans of the series!
04.15.19 - 11:23 PM

Even with Doraemon Story of Seasons on the way, it seems that developers are already sowing seeds for the next entry. According to an interview with Famitsu, Hikaru Nakano from Marvelous has announced that a new title in the Bokujou Monogatari series, or as it's known in the west, Story of Seasons, is already in development.

Several of the endlessly useful Doraemon gadgets from Doraemon Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch.

Speaking about the next entry, Nakano said, "We're also moving forward on the production of a separate new game for Bokujou Monogatari. We plan to further expand on Bokujou Monogatari from this point onward."

Doraemon and Nobita Nobi enjoy a calm field on a spring afternoon in Doraemon Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch.

The next planned release for the Bokujou Monogatari series is the Doraemon crossover title, Doraemon: Nobita no Bokujou Monogatari, or Doraemon Story of Seasons, which is due out in Japan for Nintendo Switch this June.