Peter Triezenberg
Left Alive Gets "Casual" Difficulty Setting in 1.03 Update
"Caution, the enemy is approa-" BAM.
04.17.19 - 12:02 PM

So, uh, remember Left Alive? It was a third person shooter set in the Front Mission universe, which came out semi-recently. It was also apparently a big pile of garbage, but that's beside the point —you can keep an eye out for our review in the near future. What's interesting is that, in the latest update for the game, Square Enix is offering some interesting accessibility options for players struggling with the game, along with the usual slew of bug fixes and tweaks.

Left Alive Screenshot

Players who select Casual Mode from the outset will be treated to a number of benefits, including increased attack damage, lowered enemy HP, reduced enemy damage output, an increased ammo limit, increased durability on Wanzers, and increased damage from landing headshots and attack from behind.

Additionally, there have been some changes for all difficulty settings across the board: players get two first aid kits in their inventory at the start of the game, for example. Players also begin the game with more ammo than before, and enemy accuracy has been reduced to as to give the player more margin for error. Frag grenades will also deal less damage. In the encounter with the soldier in Chapter 01, the player will lose only eight bullets, instead of all of them.

Left Alive Screenshot

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