Peter Triezenberg
New Metal Max Game In the Works
I live, I die, I live again!
04.22.19 - 11:59 AM

According to series creator Hiroshi Miyaoka and producer Juntarou Kouno, preparations for the next Metal Max game are underway. This news comes via Twitter, where Miyaoka expressed that ideas for the next game were "being created, analyzed, and disposed of," and that "things are cooking up!" Meanwhile, Kouno had this to say: "Together with Miyaoka and development director Yusuke Tomono, preparations for the next game are underway. Hopefully we can make an announcement for everyone in a scorching hot season reminiscent of Dystokio."

New Metal Max Game In Development

The most recent game in the Metal Max series, Metal Max Xeno, came out last year. Hopefully, Miyaoka and company are able to deliver the post-apocalyptic, tank-infused RPG we deserve. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info!