Alana Hagues
Dragalia Lost Review
Find out what all of the fuss is about!
04.23.19 - 2:53 PM

Dragalia Lost has been out in Japan and the US for six months now, and for a brand new Nintendo IP, it's really made a mark in the mobile gaming community. It's got a growing story, a lovely art style, and addictive nature that's also pretty free-to-play friendly!

Dragalia Lost Screenshot

But, while places like the US and Japan were hogging all of the fun, Europe, Canada and many other countries were left to watch in jealousy. Come February, though, and Dragalia Lost finally hit mobiles around the rest of the world. Nathan Lee was one of those people who were desperate for a native release, and when the game got one, he jumped on the chance to play it. For a deep dive into the game up to Patch 1.5.1, check out Nathan's review for Dragalia Lost right here!