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Meet the Characters and Mechs of Project Sakura Wars
Hopefully these new details will help bide your time until Spring 2020!
04.23.19 - 3:18 PM

We've got a mecha-sized update for Project Sakura Wars, the latest entry in the long-running series! Learn about the game's characters, mechs, and story!

Project Sakura Wars

Taking place 12 years after the last game in the series, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, this entry follows the new protagonist, Seijuurou Kamiyama. At only 20 years old and with previous navy experience, Seijuurou serves as leader of the newly formed Imperial Combat Revue: Floral Division.

As in previous entries in the Sakura Wars series, the rest of his Imperial Combat Revue members are female. First up is Sakura Amamiya, age 17. Sakura is proud of the work the team does on and off the battlefield, by protecting Tokyo while also helping the morale of the citizens with their operas! She is also a big fan of Sakura Shinguuji, a former member of the Floral Division and icon of the Sakura Wars series.

Project Sakura Wars | Sakura Amamiya

Next, we have Hatsuho Shinonome, a shrine maiden steeped in the culture of Edo. Though she is 17, Hatsuho loves everything about her old town and acts as a peacemaker among the members of the Floral Division.

Project Sakura Wars | Hatsuho Shinonome

Third is the youngest member of the Floral Division at the age of 13, Azami Mochizuki. A ninja of the of the Mochizuki Style, Azami follows a strict life of her clan's "108 Laws."

Project Sakura Wars | Azami Mochizuki

The oldest and most versatile of the female members is Anastasia Palma. At 19, Anastasia has made a name for herself in European theatres. She is capable of portraying many different roles, male and female.

Project Sakura Wars | Anastasia Palma

Last but not least, we have Clarissa Snowflake, but you can just call her Claris. Along with her obsession with books, Claris has inherited a style of black magic called "Juumadou," which is passed down from her family in Luxembourg.

Project Sakura Wars | Claris Snowflake

Sakura Wars wouldn't be the same without mechs, and this entry is no exception. The robots have improved with the development of the Spiricle Fighters. Using new systems developed by the World Combat Revue Federation, the Spiricle Fighters use less spiritual power from their pilots while having a stronger output.

Seijuurou's Spiricle Fighter, the Mugen, was developed by Kanzaki Heavy Industries and is based on their older model, the Spiricle Armor Sanshiki Koubu. The Mugen outclasses the Sanshiki Koubu by having a Spiricle Supercharger and better spirit efficiency. However, without the Sanshiki Koubu, the Mugen would not exist. Sakura Amamiya pilots a Sanshiki Koubu.

Project Sakura Wars | Spiricle Fighter

And here we are at Project Sakura Wars' story! During Taisho Year 19, the war with the malicious Kouma came to a head with a final battle called The Great Kouma War. Though it led to their destruction, the combined forces of the Combat Revues of Tokyo, Paris, and New York finally ended the long war.

Ten years later, in Taisho Year 29, the world has changed. No longer under the threat of the Kouma, several cities across the world created their own Combat Revues. One of these new troupes is the resurrected Floral Division in Tokyo. The creation of several troupes led to the founding of the World Combat Revue Federation. With no enemies in sight, a Combat Revue Competition is established to test the power of all of the Combat Revues around the world. This competition, which happens every two years, is called the Great Combat Revue World War.

However, during one of these competitions, the Kouma make their grand return to the world stage. It's up to the Floral Division to save the day!

Project Sakura Wars

The game features the return of the LIPS and Trust Levels when chatting with your teammates. Unlike the last Sakura Wars, which featured some 3D movement along with visual novel elements, Project Sakura Wars will be in full 3D. The setting is a bit more modern, with a mix of Western and Japanese influences along with its steam-punk flare.

Project Sakura Wars features character designs by Tite Kubo, an artist most famous for his work on the manga Bleach. The game will be composed by Kouhei Tanaka, a man who has composed songs for the series in the past. Lastly, the story structure is written by Jiro Ishii, known for writing for games such as 428: Shibuya Scramble.

If that wasn't enough, be sure to check out our updated gallery!

Project Sakura Wars

Project Sakura Wars releases on PlayStation 4 this winter in Japan. North America and Europe will receive the game in Spring 2020.

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