Keegan Lee
Valkyrie Profile Returns To Star Ocean: Anamnesis
Hey, you got your Norse mythology in my science fiction!
04.26.19 - 4:11 PM

Fans of RPGs will be delighted to hear that Valkyrie Profile is making its magnificent return to Star Ocean: Anamnesis, the hit mobile RPG from Square Enix, in a limited time event! From now until June 3rd, players will be able to partake in limited-time banners to unlock some familiar faces from the Valkyrie Profile series!

Star Ocean Valkyrie Profile

For the beginning of the event, players will be able to acquire new characters such as Azure Lenneth and Freya, with additional characters planned for later in the event. Those who missed out on the original Valkyrie Profile event will also get the chance to acquire previous released characters, like Silmeria and Lenneth.

A new scenario called the Purged Wizard event has also been made available upon release, with additional chapters planned to drop later in the event. Players who participate in the scenario will be able to acquire special magic crystals, allowing the player to pull from limited-time Box Draws, which are filled to the brim with new items, weapons, and 5-star character tickets! In addition, players can also partake in the Blood Valkyrie event, pitting players against a tough boss fight. Those who survive will acquire Blood Tokens, which can be used to gain special gear and characters! Don't forget to log in every day to reap the most rewards!

Star Ocean Mobile Trash Tri-Ace Valkyrie Profile Crossover Event

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite RPGs!