Persona 5 Royal Receives Brand New Morgana Report

At least he's not telling us to go to bed this time!

09.08.19 - 11:24 PM

Persona 5 Royal is only one month away from its Japanese release, which means it's time for another report from everyone's favorite cat! This marks the fifth official Morgana Report we've received, and this time we have some brand new details on what we'll see in Persona 5 Royal!

For those who'd prefer to read about the new info rather than watch a video, we have a nice summary of some of the most interesting moments from the report!

  • New "daily life" events have been added to the game, such as new school trips and being able to spend time with confidants while on vacation. New events and activities will also be added to day-to-day exploration.

  • Nakano and Shinagawa have been added as new explorable locations, allowing players to invite their friends to hang out and explore these new areas.

  • Confidant abilities have been revamped making them more useful and easier to acquire.

  • Persona created in the Velvet Room have a chance to become more powerful, due to the new "Fusion Alarm" mechanic. Activating randomly, the Fusion Alarm can increase a Persona's stats or even grant new skills. However, these changes aren't always positive. Using new incense in the Velvet Room can also allow you to train your Persona to higher levels.

  • "Challenge Battles" have been added to the game, allowing players to battle against even tougher foes.

  • Caroline and Justine, the twin jailers of the Velvet Room, can now accompany Joker on trips to the outside world in new "Special Prison" events.

  • Joker has a brand new Showtime ability, though how and when you can unlock it is still a mystery.

Persona 5 Royal is set to release on October 31st in Japan for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, with a western release planned for early 2020. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on the Persona series!

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