RPGFan Partners With Phoenix Edge

Expanding the Emerald Kingdom.

09.21.19 - 8:20 PM

Some of you have noticed this, but we recently have begun something new for RPGFan: Partnering with the great team at Phoenix Edge, who routinely put out high quality video content over on YouTube. Hat, Eric, and Stan all work hard to release a weekly podcast, while putting together both streamed and produced video content in between. We've been discussing this with them for awhile now, and are pleased with the direction things are heading!

What this means in bullet point form:

  • Phoenix Edge will link to RPGFan articles, reviews, and more, when relevant and feature a 'partnered' logo on some content.
  • RPGFan will link to Phoenix Edge's YouTube channel and other sources, including listing them on our Podcasts page.
  • Both RPGFan and Phoenix Edge will share when we have new podcasts and videos on social media and our respective Discords.
  • When we can, our two teams will help one another with video footage to bolster both of our teams' video content like our video reviews. We're hoping this will allow us all to deliver more video content to you than ever.

In essence, both teams want to work together to improve one another's presence and content. We like what the PE guys have been doing, and we hope that by partnering with them, we can bring more eyes and ears to their content so that our readers can see something they may have been missing!

Below are several ways you can find the Phoenix Edge team across the internet. Stop by and watch, subscribe, comment, and if you like, tell 'em RPGFan sent you! You may also see them in our Discord, so be sure to say hello there as well!

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